Happy Girls!

Happy Girls!
July 2017

Friday, December 1, 2017

November 2017

It’s officially the holidays!  We started off the month of November with many sicknesses!  Addison had a stomach bug which came and went two times over the course of 2 weeks with a cough mixed in.  Hailey had multiple colds and several ear infections.  Justin & I both had minimal cough & colds!  It sure was interesting when both girls were sick.  Addison wants to snuggle with me all the time and Hailey gets jealous and she too wants me.  It makes for very long days/ nights!  I’m hoping our sick days are far behind us! 
Addison is trucking along at school and loves how she can read.  She is starting to write sentences as well.  It is always amusing to see how she writes things and how it translates!  Hailey seems to be learning new tricks left & right as well.  She has 2 bottom teeth (which Addy found one day) and just started pulling up on things.  She has the general idea on how to blow kisses, waves, claps, throws the ball & shouts.  She also has a temper and gets ticked if she doesn’t get her way pretty quickly!
We spent Thanksgiving at my parents where Gannon & Becky joined us as well.  The following day Amanda & Emy came into town for a few days so we got to hang with them!  Addison was a great helper with Emy, but she was exhausted by the end of the day!
Hailey is 10 months old …double digits seems so exciting!
Sleeping – I can’t wait to type about how great Hailey has been doing in the sleep department…however, this isn’t the month.  She has been a terror as we transition her to the crib.  Some nights go smoothly, other nights, not so much!  We are kind of doing half & half currently.  Half the night in her crib, the other half in the rock n’ play.  My mom thinks I should just burn that damn chair!  She might be on to something!
Eating – she definitely enjoys feeding herself.  I keep branching out very slowly and trying new things with her.  She did try turkey on thanksgiving and seemed to enjoy it!  She also had a tiny bit of whipped cream off my pumpkin pie, which she really liked. 
Clothing – she’s basically in all 12 month clothes.  She wears some 18 month pj’s because they are slightly roomier for her.  Her 12 month tops are a little long on her arms, but perfect on her torso.
Stats – I have no idea about height or head, but she’s roughly 21 lbs currently.  I still lug her car seat around and am thinking that must come to an end soon because she is HEAVY!
Loves – Hailey loves her independence.  She crawls around at warp speed and really likes how she can pull up on the ottoman.  When she is in the crawling position she brings her feet to the ground and stands in a “V” formation.  She looks like a bear, but I think she is trying to stand on her own.

Hates – she hates going down for naps or going in her crib even slightly awake.  She is also starting to become a real joy when we have to change her diaper.  She doesn’t want to lie flat on her back, she rather be trying to roll over and get up.     

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

October 2017

October 2017
Such a long month!  First up was Addison’s 6th birthday!  This little girl was spoiled rotten by family & friends.  We had Addison’s party at a roller rink this year.  My favorite part of the party was the giant cotton candy tower that the kids got to eat.  Most of the adults thought it looked gross, but I thought it was delicious!  The following weekend we went to the pumpkin farm with Nonna & Grandpa because they were still in town from Addy’s birthday.  It was fun bringing Hailey to the pumpkin farm for the first time and although she was happy she seemed pretty unimpressed!  Next up Hailey turned 9 months old!  The poor girl got a nice fever the night before her 9 month birthday and was on the out’s for a day and a half.  She had a cold, cough and high fever and really just wanted to be snuggled with.  Daddy stayed home from work to do just that for the day.  That same weekend, we had our annual Halloween party at the Brearley’s.  Hailey went to my parents because I didn’t want her out and about having just been sick, but Addison went as Mal from the Descendants and had an awesome time.  Justin & I dressed up as Brand & Andy from the Goonies while putting in minimal effort!  We had a great time and the weather was perfect! 
Addison’s 6 year old stats –
            Weight – 52.5 lbs (83%)
            Height – 45.5 inches (54%)
Addy had a great 6 year well appointment.  She was really worried going into it because she knew she had to get a flu shot.  The tears started rolling down her face when I picked her up from school and her nerves went into high gear.  As soon as we walked through the doors at the doctors office she got even more upset and wanted to get the shot over immediately.  Thankfully, once we got into their room, they gave Addy her flu shot ASAP and she was completely fine 10 seconds later!
Hailey’s 9 month stats -
Sleeping – Hailey has great moments and horrible moments!  Of course when she is sick, nights are tougher and longer periods of time are spent being awake.  She is still sleeping in the ‘ol rock and play sleeper but hoping to transition this coming weekend.  We were going to try this past weekend, but of course she got sick!  I’m not going to lie, it’s going to be brutal!
Eating – she still loves eating her puffs and now also her yogurt melts.  She has tried mashed up avocados, bananas, sweet potatoes and carrots.  She still has a hard time with some of these foods, but she’d rather feed herself then be fed her pureed food.  She wants to be independent!
Clothing – she’s still in 9 month clothes but she’s so long!  She also wears some 12 month clothes.  12 month tops are a little long on her arms but 12 month pants & jammies are perfect.
Stats –
Weight – 20 lbs 6 oz (82%)
            Height – 29 inches (92%)
            Head – 44.5 inches (60%)
Loves – We have a crawler!  Her first official day of crawling was Sunday, October 22nd!  It was so exciting to watch!  She loves her new found independence and being a little more mobile.  She loves “bee-bopping” as Addy calls it when she hears music.  She loves to clap her hands, shake her head yes & no and high five everyone.

Hates – she hates being put back to bed after her night time bottle.  She gives Justin & I a run for our money!  We are so tired and would just like her to be a better sleeper!