Happy Girls!

Happy Girls!
July 2017

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

April 2018

I didn’t do any update in March!?  The time just got away from me!  I’m back for April, but finding time to do updates is tough!  We started the month off with Easter.  Justin’s parents were in town for Easter and the week after.  They watched the girls since Addison had spring break and Justin & I still needed to work!  It was a great week and we all got in some quality time.  Addy & Hailey both were sick with minor stomach bugs, but nothing too horrible.
We went to Hilburn’s annual Carnival for the first time and had a blast.  Addy had a lot of fun and was super excited to bring her buddy Brooklyn with us.   Hailey was really good and did a lot of people watching and food tasting!
We also went to Lynnwood one Sunday in April for the St. Baldrick’s event.  Uncle Gannon was there and had raised over $2,000 to shave off his beard!  It really was a fun day and for such a good cause.  Hailey was slightly skeptical of Uncle Gannon after they shaved him, but warmed back up to him eventually.  Addy loved it and thought he looked just like daddy.
Hailey is a FULL BLOWN walker at this point!  She will crawl still, but definitely likes to walk.  She still looks like Frankenstein, but she keeps getting up after each fall ready to roll.

Sleeping – Hailey is doing OK.  It’d always something with this kid!  Her current “thing”, is waking up at 9:30pm every night, crying pretty hard.  One of us will go in and rock her and she goes back down pretty easy, but it’s weird.  She still wakes up at least once a night, sometimes twice.

Eating – She is doing really good trying new things!  This month she tried a rice bowl of mom’s, a pita of dad’s, pizza frite and corn on the cob.   If she doesn’t like something, she immediately will just open her mouth and let whatever is in there, fall out.  Also, if she’s done with her food she will just start swiping all of her food off the table.  Thank goodness for Brinkley!

Clothing – she is wearing all 18 months clothes with some 24 month pj’s in the mix. 

Loves – Hailey’s love for Addison continues and it melts my heart everytime!  They really do get along well currently and Addy puts up with a lot from Hailey.  I know this love will probably pass, but for now I am enjoying it.  Hailey likes taking walks, bath tub time, any water play, stealing my iphone, coloring and pretty much doing anything Addison is doing.

Hates – Getting Hailey out of the bath tub continues to be awful.  She kicks and screams and we pretty much try to ignore her best we can!  She has moments where she freaks out in the car seat, but usually they pass.   

Hailey’s 15 Month stats –
Weight – 22 lbs 11.5 oz (72%)
Height – 30.5 inches (50%)
Head – 18.11 inches (60%)