Happy Girl!

Happy Girl!
August 2016

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May 2017

May was a long month but it seems to have flown by.  Early on in the month, we had Kindergarten orientation.  Addison is super excited and enjoyed heading to the school to check out the classrooms.  It seems very crazy that she’ll be headed off to school in the fall!
 Justin’s mom left to head back to NY after her 6 week stay with us.  It was nice having her around and it’s been tough.  I got very use to having her watch Hailey all day, sending updates and pictures.  It certainly is a different feeling leaving your baby with her grandma than leaving your baby at daycare.  Hailey started daycare on Tuesday, May 30th and I cried my eyes out after dropping the girls off.  I had gotten into a nice groove of waking up and leaving her with Nonna, so this just felt so wrong to me! I know as time goes on, it’ll get easier, but these first few weeks will be tough.
Sleeping – Hailey is still in our room in her little rock & play sleeper.  It is definitely time for her to make the switch to her room, but unfortunately she isn’t used to lying flat on her back!  I’m hoping that daycare will help with this since she’ll be taking naps in a crib there.  I’m hoping to move her little sleeper into her room to at least get her better acquainted with the room.  She is waking 1-2 times per night, eats and usually heads back to bed peacefully.
Eating – she is eating about 4 oz. of formula every 2 hours give or take.  I had her 4 month appointment and forgot to ask about rice cereal!  I know you can start anywhere from 4 – 6 months, but would like to hear it from the doctor’s mouth.  Hailey doesn’t seem like she’d want to eat yet, but I’ll be on the lookout for clues.
Clothing – All of the 3 month clothing has been boxed up and sent to Goodwill!  She is wearing all 6 month clothing at this point and she seems to be filling out more.  Her little cheeks are getting so plump!
Stats from 4 month appointment –
            Weight – 14 lbs 9 oz. (58th percentile)
Height – 26 inches (96th percentile)
Head – 16.14 inches (62nd percentile)
She of course got a fever the next morning and was not herself which I have to assume was from the 3 shots she got.  So she missed her second day of daycare, but I got to snuggle with her quite a bit which I didn’t mind at all.  She was fussy and whiny, but a couple doses of Tylenol and she was as good as new.
Loves – she likes her jungle mat and being held!  She wants to be facing out so she can see everything.  She is super nosy and wants to know what is going on at all times.  Her daddy & sister seem to make her laugh the most.  I love listening to her belly laughs, they are too cute!  She’s big enough/strong enough to sit in the bumbo and she likes that for short time periods.    She loves bath time and enjoys walks in her stroller.

Hates – still not much to complain about.  She gets cranky & upset when you put her in her pajamas and sleep sack.  She knows that bottle is coming and she wants it ASAP!  

Sunday, April 30, 2017

April 2017

April was a ROUGH month.  Amanda, Emy and her dogs came into town for Easter.  Hailey got to meet Emy for the first time and we spent some quality time with the family.  It was really fun having all those littles around and I can’t wait for the beach this summer! 
Easter Sunday was when things started to get interesting.  Hailey woke up at about 5 am throwing up a little.  It wasn’t like normal spit up, but I thought nothing of it at the time.  She went back to bed and Addison woke up ready to find her Easter basket.  Justin & I helped Addy while Hailey slept some more.  Once she woke up, Hailey proceeded to throw up 4 more times before noon.  I called the nurses hotline at our pediatrician’s and got a call back quick.  The nurse was super nice and pleasant but said if a baby under 12 weeks old throws up 3 times in 12 hours, they need to be seen ASAP.  Since Hailey exceeded that plus some, we knew we were headed out.  Since it was Easter Sunday the only option available to us was the Wake Med Children’s hospital.  My parents came to pick Addison up and Justin & I headed out.  Once at the hospital, we were seen relatively quickly. There were other people/kids there but because Hailey was under 12 weeks old, they moved us to a room away from everyone.  Hailey was examined and she seemed to be good, but they said to make sure everything was really ok, she needed an ultrasound on her stomach.  They wheeled both Haily & I on the gurney to the radiologist room.  They had Hailey drink a bottle of pedialite and she fell asleep in my arms while the woman did the ultrasound.  We went back to our room and waited for the results.  It seemed like a long time, but finally the results came back and our baby was all good.  It was such a relief to know she just had a stomach bug.  We headed home and my mom said she’d drop Addison off shortly.  I was feeding Hailey on the couch, Justin was at the store grabbing us dinner when my mom walked in saying its ok, its ok to Addison.  Poor Addison got sick all over my dad’s car.  It seemed like whatever bug Hailey had had now moved on to Addison.  Addy was up most of the night but by morning she seemed much better.  Thankfully it was a quick moving bug!  We needed to rid our house of germs because Nonna was heading into town to watch Hailey for a few weeks.  Unfortunately, a few days after Nonna arrived, she got what the girls had.  It really was a looong few weeks.  We started to get back into the groove when yet again Addy started looking bad.  She went to bed with not much in her stomach and feeling feverish.  I checked her throat and I thought I saw some white spots.  I felt like she had strep throat and knew we’d be making a trip to the doctor’s office in the morning.  Addy had a very restless night and was up for about 4 hours trying to throw up.  She never actually did but she had the shakes and felt awful all night.  The next day we headed to the doctor’s where they confirmed strep. More medicine and she was looking like new in no time.

Sleeping – Hailey is doing better & better.  Lately she’s only been waking up once per night.  She takes her bottle and goes back to bed pretty quickly.  
Eating – she has been bumped up to 4 oz. bottles every 2 hours.  She is really starting to fill out!  I love her little leg rolls!
Clothing – She is completely in 3 month clothing and I have brought out some 6 month outfits too. 
Stats – at her 04/18/17 appointment she weighed in at 11 lbs 15oz.  She hadn’t lost any weight after her throw up bug and was right on track still.
Loves – she loves having her hands in her mouth.  She tries to get them up there all the time.  I unfortunately think the poor thing is teething.  I don’t feel anything in her mouth, but she is a drooly mess.  She is starting to enjoy her toys more & more.  She is intrigued by them and will watch them for short time periods.  She also seems to like watching the TV. 
Hates –  nothing really to report!

Friday, March 31, 2017

March 2017

More of the same this month.  We seem to have gotten into a rhythm and Addison is back to being my buddy!  It took her a couple of weeks, but she seems happy.  At the beginning of the month Addison had an ear infection so we got to experience a NB’s sleeping pattern with a sick child.  It was a tag team effort and we made it through but there were a few sleepless nights!  Once Addy got on meds, her cough finally started to go away too thankfully.  Hailey’s hair had started to fall out last month due to cradle cap and now it is growing back!  It is growing in dark currently.  Hailey had her first round of shots for her 2 month appointment and it broke my heart to see her so upset.  She handled them pretty well, but I gave her some Tylenol to take the edge off. 

Sleeping – Hailey is sleeping longer stretches through the night.  She is still waking up roughly 3 times a night but Justin stays up as late as he possibly can so I only have to wake up with her twice until morning.  It isn’t horrible, but I sometimes need a quick nap in the mornings.   
Eating – she is still going strong with her 2 oz. bottles every couple of hours.  We seem to have found a formula that works for her.  She is staying strong on Smiliac Total Comfort so far.
Clothing – I have pulled out most of Addy’s 3 month old outfits, but it still cracks me up that the doctors all thought she was going to be a huge baby!  The 3 month old outfits are a little big on her body but seem short on her long arms.  She hangs out most days in pj’s because they seem to be the easiest thing to change!
Stats from 2 month appointment –
            Weight – 10 lbs 15 oz (43rd percentile)
Height – 23.5 inches (92nd percentile)
Head – 14.96 inches (45th percentile)
Loves – Hailey is still a big snuggler!  I love it when she falls asleep on my chest and is all cozy.  She continues to love watching Addison.  She has really started to smile and Addison gets the most smiles from her.  She has also started being very vocal.  The cooing, yelling and screeching is my favorite, she just sounds so cute!  She is really good a mimicking sounds too.  Justin & Addy will hover over her and make faces & sounds and it really looks like she is trying to do the same.  I love listening to Addy & Hailey talk!  Addy is just so good with her and tries to help all the time. 
Hates – there isn’t much this girl doesn’t like.  She gets annoyed to be in the same position/place for too long and definitely enjoys being held which makes life tough when you put her down.  She gets fussy if you take too long getting a bottle but other than that not much of a complainer!