Happy Girls!

Happy Girls!
July 2017

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

February 2018

I feel like I blinked and it was March!  February started off nice enough but towards the end got a little rough.  At the beginning of the month, Addison had an awards ceremony where she received the “Exceptional Improvement” award.  It was a nice little ceremony at school where Justin, my parents, Hailey & I were able to attend. 
Towards the end of the month, Hailey got a pretty good fever one Thursday afternoon.  I took her to the doctors where they thankfully said she did not have the flu.  They said it was probably a virus.  She continued to have a fever off and on through Saturday.  On Sunday we noticed little bumps on her torso.  I didn’t think much of them until the next day when there seemed to be even more.  I finally took her in and they diagnosed her with Roseola.  Her rash was all over her stomach, back and neck area.  They said her Roseola rash wasn’t itchy or contagious at that point, but I still felt bad for her. 
Sleeping – Hailey continues to perplex us in the sleep department.  For one week, she decided to have a wake up time of about 5am.  Justin & I were zombies!  She then went to sleeping rather well but waking up once a night and then she went back to waking up two times a night!  We can’t figure this kid out!
Eating – Hailey is hit or miss on many foods.  She seems to go through spurts of really liking something one week (corn/oranges) to not wanting anything to do with it the next.  By the end of February, we completely dropped all daytime bottles at daycare.  It seems to be throwing her for a tiny loop.  She is usually really hungry by the time we get home from daycare!
Clothing – she is wearing all 18 months clothes, the 12 month clothes just don’t cut it!
Loves – Hailey is loving yogurt right now!  She loves bath time, cuddling with her sister, trying to stand & walk on her own and being mischievous!  She’ll grab something that she knows she shouldn’t have a crawl at warp speed away from you.  I think she understands way more then we give her credit for!
Hates – changing her diaper is impossible!  She freaks out lately as soon as you lay her down.  She hates to get pulled from the bath tub too.  She screams and cries as soon as you attempt to grab her.  She also gets very upset when I put her in the car seat.  She has been super fun!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

January 2018

This was another quick month!  After Christmas came and went, we spent the better part of the month trying to keep the children healthy.  Both girls have had coughs/colds, but we seem to be moving in the right direction.  After Addison’s Christmas break, we got a dusting of snow/ice.  Addy had a 2 hour delay on Tuesday, early closing Wednesday and no school Thursday or Friday!?!  Thank goodness Grandma is easing into retirement and could help with her so I could work.  Hailey was semi-miserable because 4 of her top teeth were trying to come in at the same time.  Poor kid!  Next up was an actual snow storm where Raleigh had probably 7 inches of snow!  Again, 3 days off of school with many makeup days on the books.  Addy had her first sleepover with Brooklyn the night of the snow storm while their daddies drank the night away!  Fun for all – well except maybe mom! 
Addison had her first music concert where I was able to stream it online.  Grandma was able to go in person and take lots of pictures and videos. 
At the end of the month, our little Hailey turned 1 year old!  Addy kept telling her, “I can’t believe we’ve had you one whole year!”  On her actual birthday we just hung around.  Addy had a school friend’s birthday party, so she went to that.  That night we had dinner and opened Hailey’s gifts from mom, dad & sis.  Sunday we had a dinner, cake and presents at my parents’ house.  Amanda, Ian and Emy were able to make it as were Uncle Gannon & Becky.  It was an active house for sure!

Sleeping – Hailey is a full blown crib baby!  I never thought I’d see the day!  She has her moments still, but hopefully we are on the right track.

Eating – she has been introduced to many foods.  We need to start weaning her off the bottle and formula.  She has been doing 1/2 formula and 1/2 whole milk in her bottles.  She has been getting breakfast and lunch at school and seems to eat better for them.  At home, she really seems to prefer the bottle still!

Clothing – Hailey has moved into mostly 18 month clothing.  She is still so long and needs that extra length in the legs, but not so much in the arms.

Stats from 1 Year appointment – Hailey’s one year well appointment was marked with 3 shots (MMR, Chickenpox & Hepatitis) and a finger prick.  She wasn’t the happiest of campers!  The doctor said she’s growing right on schedule and looks good.
            Weight – 21 lbs 5 oz (73%)
Height – 30 inches (79%)
Head – 17.72 inches (52%)

Loves – she loves her mommy that’s for sure!  She likes for me to be around 24/7 and can get quite loud when I leave the room or are in the same room as her and not giving her 100% attention.  She’s big into pulling out hair; mine & Addison’s.  We will tell her no, but she doesn’t seem to care.  I have even smacked her hand and I get nothing in return!  Sometimes after we say no she’ll smile and shake her head yes…she’s a stubborn one!  She has learned how to climb the stairs and likes standing up and holding onto furniture to move around. 

Hates – like I said, she’s stubborn. She likes to get her way and has a hissy fit if she doesn’t.  She doesn’t like getting her nose wiped or getting her diaper changed lately.  Nothing too horrible to report though!