Happy Girls!

Happy Girls!
July 2017

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

September 2017

Addison is officially a kindergartner! We’ve slowly but surely been getting use to this new schedule. Addy has been doing awesome and seems to really enjoy kindergarten. Either Justin or I drop her off in the car pool lane where she heads out of the car and into the school on her own. She seems to have grown 5 years in one short month. Addy’s teacher is a 21 year veteran to the school named Ms. Mills and word on the street is that she has her stuff together!
Hailey has had yet another cold! She seems to get better and then immediately get another illness. She moved from Infant Room 1 to Infant Room 2 recently…she’s getting so big! She still has no teeth to date and hasn’t started crawling as of yet. She will be on her belly and kind of try and rock a little on her knees, but that is about it. She does manage to push herself backwards a bit though. Her tongue never stops! She’s always sticking it out and twisting it in her mouth, she looks pretty darn cute. After she got over her cold she got pink eye! The poor girl just can’t stay healthy!  Last up, Hailey turned 8 months old!
Sleeping – she is sleeping in her own room currently but still in that damn rock n sleeper! We really need to pull the proverbial plug on this, but it just isn’t happening! We had TWO good nights of sleeping all through the night when Justin happened to be out of town.  Coincidence!? Other than that, she’s all over the board.  Some nights she goes right back to sleep after her bottle and sometimes she’s up for 2 hours and won’t go back to sleep! She’s such a joy that way!
Eating – she’s been eating a lot of new flavors of food. She loves her baby Mum-Mums which are like little rice cakes for babies. She’s also recently tried Puffs which she seems to enjoy. She can pick up the little Puffs and 90% of the times get them into her mouth. She’s eating around 30 oz of formula a day and has baby food twice a day. She ate a small amount of strawberries one day and also got a small welt on her face that same day. I’m not sure if it was an allergic reaction or coincidence, but I’ll be a little more careful around strawberries for sure!
Clothing – she’s still in 9 month clothes but she’s so long! She also wears some 12 month clothes. 12 month tops are a little big on her but 12 month pants & jammies are perfect.
Stats – When I took her to the doctor for pink eye she weighed in at exactly 19 lbs on the dot! I don’t know her length or head circumference, but she will have a 9 month well appointment where I’ll find out.
Loves – she really enjoys pulling my hair out! I’ve googled, “Why does my baby pull my hair” and it basically says it is soothing to the baby!? She only does it when I am trying to get her to sleep so I think it is soothing to her, but it is the very opposite for me! She grabs underneath and just pulls! She loves flailing her limbs and seems so ready to crawl! I feel like it should be any day now, but who knows.
Hates – I’m trying to think of things she doesn’t like and nothing is really coming to me! She’s a very happy baby and usually just goes with the flow.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

August 2017

August was such a long month!  I think it was extra-long for me because I have been constantly thinking about the start of Kindergarten.  We had a great week at the beach even though Hailey decided to get yet another ear infection (3rd one in two months) and be a pain in the butt when it came to sleep!  She was up roughly two times a night and would freak out when we put her back in bed.  Justin was on vacation with us until Wednesday.  The few nights without him was tough work!  To top it all off, when we got home from the beach, Justin headed out for a quick trip to DC for a boys/fantasy football weekend.  I was exhausted by the time he came home! 
We did have some excitement on vacation when Taylor proposed to Aunt Shelly!!  It was such an emotional night and we couldn’t be more thrilled!!  I was the last to know, which still shocks me, but Taylor did a great job!  We also got to see an eclipse...it was a cloudy day to begin with, but we were able to see it get more dark out and watch the sun slowly disappear.
Next up was the first day of Kindergarten.  The night before the first day was a little rough, but I attribute some of it to a wacky week prior having been at the beach.  Addison was a bit of a train wreck, which made me upset too!  I worry so much about the girls and I just hope Addy isn’t too much like her mom in regards to anxiety.  The first day went off without a hitch and she seemed to enjoy it.  The whole day I sat at my desk with heart palpitations!  That night I went to sleep hard!
Last up, Hailey turned 7 months old! 
Sleeping – This child hates sleep.  She is horrible at taking naps and is really giving me a run for my money!  At the beach, we only brought her sleep chair so we have reverted back to that.  She desperately needs her room/crib and I am getting to the point where I am just going to let her cry it out.  On vacation she literally would only take naps on mom/dad or in her stroller sooo more fun! 
Eating – she’s eating more & more food.  She has pureed food at lunch and dinner and has bottles every other time.  She has been eating little wafer like teething biscuits and enjoy them…they melt easily so she can’t get into too much trouble with them.
Clothing – Hailey is wearing mostly 9 month tops and 12 month bottoms.  She had 12 month bathing suits at the beach and they ran a little big on her but got the job done.  I do love putting Hailey in old Addy clothes, brings back such good memories!
Stats – When Hailey & I visited the urgent care on vacation, she weighed in at 18lbs 3.2 oz. (August 23rd).  she is still pretty long, but she seems to be just the right amount of chubby!
Loves – she is such a happy baby.  She enjoys watching everything and anything surrounding her.  She is constantly on the watch and gets side-tracked so easily.  She has to be the nosiest baby ever!
Hates – she doesn’t like being put down!  She wants constant attention or to be held, which let’s be honest, can’t always happen! She doesn’t enjoy sleep as much as I would like her to either.  She gets put down and gets ticked pretty quickly!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

6 Month Well Appointment

Hailey's appointment went well! She's a healthy growing girl! She had shots which of course left her cranky and grumpy until the next day, but it's to be expected.
Weight - 17 lbs 5.5 oz (72%)
Height - 27.5 inches (96%)
Head circumference - 16.93 (72%)