Happy Girl!

Happy Girl!
August 2016

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

39 Weeks, Baby #2

This week my little one is considered full term. My placenta is also still hard at work providing critical antibodies to help protect the baby from infections in the outside world. She’s probably about 20 inches long and around 7.5 lbs. 

I just had my Rex Hospital Pre Admissions Testing appointment this morning and everything is set for Friday the 27th!  Justin & I need to arrive at the hospital at 6am, with the C-section scheduled for 8am.  They said family members can probably join us around 10 am.  I am truly terrified, excited, nervous, anxious all wrapped into one.  So many emotions running through me!  Justin’s parents as well as Amanda and Emy will arrive on Thursday night.  My mom has dinner planned for all so we can see everyone before the big day.  
Last pregnant picture!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

38 Weeks, Baby #2

We are exactly 9 days away from our C-section and a week away from being considered full term with nearly fully functioning organs.  Her brain and nervous system will continue to develop well into childhood and into her teen years.  She is about 19.75 inches and around 6.8 lbs.  Before my pregnancy my uterus weighed only 2 ounces, but by now it has stretched large enough to hold a baby and weighs around 2 ½ lbs!  I am certainly feeling the weight.  It takes a lot out of me just walking to and from places…I lose my breathe easily!  At night, this little one seems to be most active.  Anywhere from 9 pm to 11 pm, she is all over the place.  It’s really hard to go to sleep while she’s doing that, even when I am exhausted.

This past weekend we had our Big Sister/Big Brother tour at Rex Hospital.  Addison did great with everything.  We watched a movie about becoming a big sibling, took a tour of the maternity wing, went to the nursery and held a baby doll gently.  After the tour, Justin & I showed her the cafeteria and the gift shop because she was interested in that as well!  It was a little overwhelming for her I think because she was all over the board once we got home, but she really did well.  She asked if she could buy her baby sister something, so that night we took her to Target and she picked out a little monkey baby toy.  We wrapped it up and she is so proud of herself.  She is going to be a great big sister and she’s counting down the days like the rest of us!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

37 Weeks, Baby #2

This week the baby is just two weeks away from being full term. That means all of her organs are nearly fully developed and prepared for the outside world.  She is probably about 19.25 inches and about 6.3 lbs, which we know is probably low for her!  I am super tired all the time and am definitely anxious for delivery.  I am already dreading saying goodbye to Addison for the night and heading to the hospital that next morning.  I know she’ll be fine, I’m just emotional!  She’ll stay with my parents for the few days we are at the hospital, but I am sure she’ll come visit often.  Counting down the days!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

36 Weeks, Baby #2

The baby is still gaining weight and becoming rounder in appearance. By the end of this week, the baby will be just three weeks away from full term!  The baby’s current size is 18.75 inches and weighs about 5.75 lbs (which we know from my last appointment to be on the lower side of what she actually is weighing in at).  I am starting to feel more anxious than usual.  I’m starting to worry more about the C-section and complications.  My mind just unfortunately goes there!  I’m thinking a lot about having 2 kids in the house and how Addison will adjust to the new baby.  She is super excited right now, but she has no idea what life will be like with an infant.  Addy is very eager to be helpful, but I can see it now, she’ll get all bent out of shape not getting enough attention.  It’ll be a big change for all of us, it’s been just the 3 of us for 5+ years, so I get it!  My mind races as I try to go to sleep at night, which makes for restless nights.  Hoping this feeling will go away once she is born!

Here is an updated pic, taken by Addison yet again!  She told me just this morning that I am looking REALLY BIG….thanks darling!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

35 Weeks, Baby #2

35 weeks!  30 days until C-section day…it seems so bizarre, scary and crazy!  At this point, all of the baby's major organs should be nearly complete. Her kidneys are completely developed and her liver is functional and capable of processing waste products.  My baby app says she is about 18 inches long (the size of a honeydew melon) and weighs around 5.25 lbs.  I had an ultrasound today and they estimated her weight around 6 lbs 12 oz!  I am a little nervous about this because the app says at this point, the baby usually gains about a pound/week…which would make her 10 lbs at birth!?!  I have an appointment with the doctor on Friday so hopefully they’ll clarify and give me reassurance that she won’t be a jumbo baby!  My carpel tunnel/numb hands have started to bother me a bit.  I sleep with a brace on my right hand and just ordered one for my left hand.  It’s a very weird uncomfortable feeling…it makes my finger tingle and my elbows hurt!  I forgot to take a pic this week because we've had a full house with Justin's parents arriving on Monday for the week!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Week 34, Baby #2

This week the waxy protective coating, vernix, is becoming much thicker as the lanugo continues to shed and may be almost completely gone by now.  Inside the baby, the lungs are continuing to mature in preparation for breathing in the outside world.  She is about 17.75 inches which is about the size of an average cantaloupe while weighting in at 4.75 lbs.
I am feeling super-duper tired but have a really hard time getting to sleep every night!  I’ll lay down, toss & turn and itch like crazy!  I don’t itch at any other point in the day, so it is weird.  Once I fall asleep, I get up every hour or so to pee….but once 1 am hits, my body will finally go into a deep sleep until 6:00 am or so.  I still have the issue of my pelvis hurting and it seems to be getting more intense.  I read this might have to do with the baby dropping further down in preparation for delivery.  I get shooting pains which always makes for a fun time. 

We are 4 days away from Christmas and Addison is so excited!  I am just hoping she sleeps til 7 am…this is probably wishful thinking!  Here is another stellar photo from Addison this morning!  She's such a good helper!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Week 33, Baby #2

Over the next four weeks the baby will put on another half-pound per week. This rapid weight gain will slow by next month.  Her skeleton is also hardening although the bones in her skull will not fuse together completely, but will overlap allowing for continued growth all the way up until early adulthood.  She is currently about 17 inches, the length of a pineapple weighing in around 4.25lbs.  I feel like she is much bigger than that, but who knows!
This month my body will still gain about a pound a week. I have found that it is getting harder to get comfortable or sleep and I am feeling way more tired this month than the previous.  My fingers have started to tingle here & there which can be due to the extra fluid my body is retaining. 

I’m still feeling lots of pain in the pelvic area.  I am also getting crazy movement from baby girl throughout the day.  It feels like she wants to come out through my belly button most of the time!  I have an appointment tomorrow with the doctor to see if my diabetes pills have been working…news flash, they aren’t!  My numbers continue to be controlled throughout the day with diet, but my overnight fasting number and my number taken 2 hours after breakfast continue to stay high.  Insulin shots here I come!  I am just completely over being pregnant at this point and all that surrounds it!  There are exactly 44 days until my c-section…seems soo close yet so far away!  Here’s another pic taken by little Addison!