Happy Girl!

Happy Girl!
August 2016

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Week 21, Baby #2

As the baby's digestive system develops, she will begin to swallow amniotic fluid and absorb small amounts of sugar. However, most of her nutrients are still delivered from the placenta.
Inside my uterus, while there's still room, the baby is actively moving around, kicking and flipping positions. 
I have been feeling lots of movement through out the day and at night.  I am very excited for the day when both Justin & Addy will also be able to feel the movement!  I have had a pain under my right ribs and in the right part of my back.  I remember having the same pains with Addison and they just aren't fun!  Amanda, Emy & the pups got into town today so the next few days should be fun!  Here is my weekly picture, taken by Addison!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Week 20, Baby #2

This week the baby's skin will become covered with a waxy-like substance called vernix which will protect her skin from becoming scratched or chapped.
The baby is also starting to produce meconium, the result of digestion, which will accumulate in his bowels and eventually pass during delivery or in his first diaper.

This week I was a little late on posting because Addison was sick.  She started not feeling well Tuesday, but developed spots on her throat on Wednesday.  She couldn't go back to school until Friday once she had 24 hours worth of meds in her system.  She was so pathetic, spending so much time lying on the couch and needing extra snuggles.  It really took it's toll on her!  She usually can't sit still for 10 minutes on the couch and she literally wouldn't move for hours.  

After Strep Test

20 weeks, 2 days

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Week 19, Baby #2

Many of the baby's senses are developing as specialized areas in the brain are being designated for smell, taste, hearing, vision and touch.
Millions of motor neurons are continuing to develop in the baby's brain allowing more controlled and conscious movement.
I'm starting to feel more movement, but nothing consistent yet.  I have started to have a pain under my ribs on the right side which I remember having with Addison.  My nausea has pretty much gone away which is nice!  Addison is still thrilled with the idea of having a baby sister.  She continues to kiss my stomach and say how much of a good helper she'll be.  

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August 2016

August was such a long, busy month!

Week 18, Baby #2

My doctor's appointment went well yesterday.  Everything looked good and nothing too exciting to report.  They were unable to view one side of her heart due the gestational age, so they'll have me back in 2 weeks to get a better view/picture.  
Here are a couple pictures from the appointment - 

Addison loves looking at the pictures and even brought them to school today!  I'm hoping those little ones don't ask too many questions!
I should start feeling flutters/kicks about now.  I've felt some movement, but still very light.  Many of the bones in the baby's body are starting to harden.  Among the first bones to develop is the inner ear which is part of the reason why the baby might be able to hear sounds such as my heart beating or my tummy growling!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Week 17, Baby #2

This week the baby has mastered some simple reflexes such as swallowing, sucking and blinking.  Fat is also forming underneath the baby's skin and will continue to do so in the later months of my pregnancy. This will help prepare the baby for the temperature change from inside my womb to the outside world.  The baby's size is said to be about the size of an onion.
I feel like I have felt some movement in the past few days, but I can't be sure.  I don't have a "side" picture for this week because we were at the beach with the family and I didn't think about it!
I have an appointment on Tuesday August 30th, so hope to be back with an update!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Week 16, Baby #2

This week, the baby is said to be the size of an avocado, weighing in around 3.5 oz. This week the baby's limbs are much more developed, legs and arms are longer and are becoming more controlled in movement.  The baby's skeletal system is developing more as calcium is deposited onto the bones. Over the next couple of weeks the baby's weight will double.
The past week has had its ups & downs.  The moment I think I have moved past feeling crummy, I will have a gagging episode!  We were running errands this weekend and I had to haul ass to the bathroom to get sick!  It's so not fun!  My brain is continually playing games with me.  I wish I could just relax and enjoy being pregnant, but it just doesn't seem to be in the cards for me.  I constantly worry that everything is "good" in there.  I'm hoping that within the next few weeks, I'll start to feel some movement and that my ease my brain a bit.  We head to the beach on Saturday with the whole family, so hopefully that'll help me relax.
Addy continues to talk about the baby and kiss & rub my belly at every turn.  It is so sweet and I hope she remembers that love when the new baby arrives!